Peter Joseph, the Creator of the Zeitgeist Movement, Talks in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Peter Joseph, the Creator of the Zeitgeist Movement, Talks in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Peter Joseph Visits Brasil
By Fabio Santos
The creator of the Zeitgeist movement, Peter Joseph, faced a long string of questions today at Cine Futuro, Salvador’s international cinema festival.

Located at the coast of the State of Bahia, Brazil. Salvador is one of the first touristic destinations in Brazil. Peter Joseph that will give two more talks this week in Salvador, was first interviewed by the Brazilian musician and university professor Messias Bandeira and then answered questions from the public. see some pictures.

After two hours explaining his works and ideas to the Brazilian audience, the American creator of the Zeitgeist trilogy relaxed at the venue’s cofeshop/snack bar with friends and members of the zeitgeist movement in Brazil. A few minutes later his first movie was due to be projected on the main projection room.

Peter Joseph created, directed, narrated and edited the film Zeitgeist trilogy, consisting of Zeitgeist: The Movie; Zeitgeist: Addendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. Among other ideas, The film defends the that human society is a long way below its true potential due to the artificial maintenance of an economic system that is doomed to failure, and that a change of attitude is needed if humanity wants to avoid extinction.

He believes that if nothing is done to reverse the course taken by humankind with its insatiable thirst for oil, and luxuries, at the cost of the poor and nature, we will all face the threat of extinction. Even though he believes humanity will change its path sooner or later. Yet, for him the Zeitgeist movement is part of an awareness process, which can drive and divert humanity away from its self-destructive path towards a better and more sustainable future.

Peter Joseph’s three films are available online and are said to have reached a combined audience of more than 200 million people worldwide.

Peter Joseph, will give two more lectures while in Salvador. The next one will be at the Federal University of Bahia this coming Thursday, July the 28th. Interested People should register at, the Zeigeist movement official site in Brazil. The filmmaker will return to the stage of Cine Futuro Film Festival at 10:00 am, (Brazilian Time)next Friday, inside the Castro Alves Theatre in Salvador, to take part in debate on Contemporary Political Filmmaking.

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