Coca Cola Booted From Bolivia

July 23, 2012, 7:01 pm

To tie in with the end of the Mayan calendar, the Bolivian Government has announced that as of December 21 Coca Cola will be banned in their country in a move towards “community spirit”

There has been much speculation surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar this December. But rather than Armageddon style prophesies it may be the end-of-the-capitalist-world changes that make the most significant mark.

On December 21, 2012 Coca Cola will be officially banned in Bolivia. The announcement comes from Foreign Minister David Choquehuanaca, who stated that his Government is supporting the beginning of a new era free of capitalism and embracing “the culture of life” and “community spirit”.

With the support of President Evo Morales by his side, Choquehuanaca said December 21 is “the end of egoism, of division. December 21 has to be the end of Coca Cola, and the beginning of mocochinchi (a traditional Bolivian soda)”.

Coca Cola is one of the world’s most recognised brands and can be found in just about every corner of the earth. Currently only three countries continue to be coke-free: Cuba, North Korea and Myanmar. But even the latter of those is about to see waves of the drink return to shelves and fridges after 60 years of US investment sanctions.

The Foreign Minister announced that the move will be part of the celebrations taking place at the Island Of The Sun in Lake Titicaca, high in the Bolivian Andes.

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