Zeitgeist – the CONSPIRACY revealed

The easiest way to understand is unemployment, the biggest one is technological automation, kiosk that you take your money, scan your items then you leave the store, online system which you can order things, then mails to you. All those takes less manpower than going into the actual store. We have a car that can drive themselves, that can replace cab, bus, truck driver. We have a lot of incredible things, that we have and we’re not really using yet, but they’re gonna become cheaper. And as they become cheaper, they’ll be no choice but for industries to use these things and lay their people off because if they don’t , they’ll be outcompeted by other businesses that do. If we don’t need to pay ppl to produce things, that’ll reduce the cost of everything people need. Because machine produce things more quickly and efficiently than ppl do, that will increase the availability of everything that  people need.

If things are so abundant, that we don’t need to pay money for them or they are so cheap that its impractical to sell them, we don’t need to pay ppl to do things, theres no need to have a job and so forth.. money just doesn’t make sense. What we advocate as the zeitgeist movement is to use that technology to serve people directly. There will be some work that wont be a lot of hours, because machine are doing such a vast percentage of it, it wont be a lot.. it will be like doing your household chores, doing it an hour here, and hour there, and will rotate the task among everybody, so there wont be a lot to do, there will still be some work.

Common questions is do you have enough faith in people to achieve this? the fact is people do as little as possible because we force them to go to school and sit in front of somebody who standing up there lecturing and take notes… it is very regimented and made very boring. And when they become adults, to go on work for a 8 hours or more everyday and it makes people lazy. And when gets tired from work everyday, you feels just like want to sit in front of tv or computer whatever.. and just chill out. And instead of having like ah.. reality shows and sports on all the time. Maybe have some stories about famous inventors, you know- even science fiction things, like star wars and star trek you know.. things that gonna foster interest in science and more useful paths. A lot more people would become educated and become helpful to everyone around them. You would have more interest to go invent things, in medicine, etc..or anything interest you. People have interest, people have intrinsic interest.. ever talked to a child that ask parent all kinds of question about what are the stars made of, why are the trees that color, they ask questions about everything. That’s the future, not work and safe for years..so you can pay some institution so you can sit in front of a boring lecturer, writing a boring notes. Obviously theres a better way to educate the public but people who have a lot of power now, don’t really people want people to be educated because then theyd be more opinionated. And it would be harder to perpetuate a system that serves them. A centralized system where they can charge people for the “things”

And people say, “that conspiracy” but its really not. Its just the result motivation that exist in our current ways, our current traditional ways of doing things, conspiracy don’t control everything it is just motivation that exist in our traditional way of life, which is not scientific based on any logic I can understand. – From Michael Fortenberry (Zeitgeist NYC Chapter)

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