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Is The Zeitgeist Movement a cult?

TZM just advocate living should based on earth’s carrying capacity, and nobody needs to work because automation technology already available. We often says electing better president candidate, new labor laws, raise minimum wage, more budget on school/hospital etc is the only way.. TZM is none of those because we see it as a constant patch job from the problematic system. Money is part of it, so the point of having Resource Based Economy Model is making the money obsolete. Then the social progress part, which you cant change to RBEM until people know whats the point otherwise people will destroy RBEM civilization if using today’s mindset. For example : like hoarding resources

Is The Zeitgeist Movement a communism?

TZM advocate no ownership, in return everyone able to access all place on earth. the current system apply ownership, a land owner certainly cant access to others people places/land, which is imaginary territory that reduces living standard within ourselves and each other. In communism, everyone only have fixed amount of property and their economy still using money as form of exchange.

What about overpopulation?

Overpopulation is subjective issue, resource can be grow exponentially using available technology, but with abundance of products in the economy will drive the price down it doesn’t fit the interest of capital owner. as a businessman using money, it demands return on investment, like today airplane is “known” to be most “efficient” transportation method, but that’s actually not true, maglev train for example is faster than airplane. The problem is we couldn’t see that in construction because it has slow return on investment, the picture here is money cannot catch up with technological advancement, thus resulting in social/culture lag as well.
Same problem with shareholder of oil corporation will do whatever to protect their oil business even they know it is dirty, not renewable. To the extent destroying electric vehicle that is known to be cheap, efficient for everyone.

Whats wrong with money?

Working from home seems like a dream job for many people including me, this leads me to think what causes online job opportunity to grow, first there must be entrepreneur willing to invest some amount of money and they willing to hire people.

For entrepreneur to create online job market, first they must be seeking decent possible return of investment from their money. in order for online entrepreneur succeed, imagine what are the most demanding product or services people willing to pay over the internet? among many of them i think its pornography? social apps like facebook? but yet its free, online game? many of them its free as well, what else? maybe get rich quick scheme, or nigerian 419 scam probably that’s why we see so many spammer or mostly it is automated already i think.

If money is that important in our life, how come we never learn about it? i mean, sure you’ll get money by doing business or working as employee, so that means it is customer paying us the money, but where did the customer gets their money? this kind of question never ask, in school or even during in my university year, i know a lot about counting money, money management, degree in accounting and stuff, except we never learn about how money being exist and traded in the economy.

Either you is in business or employment for money, so do i. but yet.. none of us is responsible in putting the money into the economy? if we could there is no more poverty or homeless people in our streets?

Who is the “Leader” of The Zeitgeist Movement? What is a Leaderless Movement?

The Zeitgeist Movement, while maintaining Press Spokesman, Lecturers, Chapter Coordinators and the like, does not support or condone a Leadership oriented structure where a single person or group sets the practices and values that others blindly follow. In fact, such a traditional “follow the leader” notion actually voids the premise and nature of TZM’s educational initiatives for the goal is really to create an equally advanced level of understanding within the community so each person is able to take strides on their own, without guidance from outside of the general community developments, which are ongoing and always influential.

The Chapter Structure, for example, is viewed as “Holographic” meaning that the integrity and understanding of each regional group is expected to mirror not only the other Chapters but the whole as well. This connected yet independent view also exists for the “Members”. In the view of The Movement, there is nothing more powerful than a group of people who share an Idea and can each logically deduce, in tandem, a sympathetic method of conduct that, from an external view, hence finds no leadership control or heads of anything. It is also important to note that those who engage “Coordination” are not leaders of their Chapter or Team. They are merely bridges and initiators. They do not dictate. They are volunteers who digest and take action on behalf.

It is also very important to point out that The Zeitgeist Movement itself, as is seeks to create Critical Mass, is actually commencing the very transitional process towards the “end” sought by the means itself. If we wish to live in a world without power abuses, division, despotism, scarcity and the like, the public much achieve a level of relevant education about their surroundings rarely seen today. Many condemn the violent dictators from history with respect to their brutal initiatives but rarely does one consider the ignorance and malleability of the public and military which blindly and thoughtlessly upheld those corrupt interests of a select distorted few. True social change will not come from “honest” leaders. It will come for a revolution of mass understanding and hence values changes within each individual.

What is the history of TZM and what is the difference with The Venus Project?

The early manifestation of TZM was as a Social Movement to create mass awareness regarding the train of thought that underlies the work of a man named Jacque Fresco – an industrial designer and social engineer who founded an organization called The Venus Project.

However, in early 2011, tensions abruptly emerged from Mr. Fresco and his associate Roxanne Meadows. This eventually generated a split between the two organizations which now operate without each others active influence. It is important to note that there is no opposition between the two organizations.

The differences between the two organizations rest in function & strategy while the broad goal is essentially the same.


TZM seeks to communicate a Train of Thought with regard to how understanding and applying Scientific Reasoning can improve human society with respect to public heath and societal sustainability. It seeks to generate an educated critical mass globally for the acceptance and implementation of this Train of Thought and hence the self-evident notions for social design that emerge from that logic. This is done through many programs and events, such as Zeitgeist Day, The Zeitgeist Media Festival, monthly Chapter Town-halls, Newsletters, Press Releases, Lectures, Radio shows, Social Networking, targeted Think Tank projects and other mediums.

TVP was historically never a Social Movement. Rather, TVP operates essentially as a Think Tank which develops and expresses the work of Jacque Fresco – specifically his vision of the future regarding physical designs and social methods.


In their communication, TVP tends to source themselves as the solution and hence operate as an Institution, often claiming intellectual ownership of various ideas of Jacque Fresco. For example, the term and hence definition of a “Resource-Based Economy” was sought for Copyright by TVP in 2010.

TZM does not limit its solution reference to TVP or any single person or institution and also does not claim ownership or origination of any idea promoted. Instead, it focuses on the underling reasoning behind the approach of applying Scientific Efficiency to society, sourcing the whole of scientific inquiry indiscriminately, without the emphasis on any specific institution or figure.

It could be argued that all knowledge is serially developed through cultural and informational evolution and the concept of “Credit” and “Institutional Proprietary” becomes intellectually untenable in reality. This is not to say that those with expert authority are not to be favored in a situation that needs such merit in application. But, on the data/reasoning level, information always stands on its own and endures its own logical scrutiny and the messenger becomes unimportant.

TZM see the Values System Shift and educational imperative as the most critical issue at this time which is why public interaction programs are at the forefront.
The highly specific technical designs characteristic of TVP which would actually comprise the mechanics of the social system are seen to emerge as a natural consequence once the train of thought is digested by the public.

Furthermore, TZM, while working to promote the open source train of thought to educate the public as its most important goal through community interaction and media, it also has a more traditional activist side, with ongoing Food Drives, Protest Actions and Charity work to help ease the growing stress being caused by this system.

TVP engages no larger order activism or charity actions and operates solely for the expression of the work of Jacque Fresco.


Out of a general respect to TVP’s work with what they consider to be the proprietary notion of a “Resource-Based Economy” [RBE] and its definition, some in The Movement prefer to adapt to the term “Resource-Based Economic Model” [RBEM] to separate from the Fresco-specific association/definition and allow for a more general flexible understanding of the Train of Thought.

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