Websites and Resources:

The Following 10 Websites are officially related to The Zeitgeist Movement’s global operations:

-Main Global Hub:

This is the main website and hub for TZM related actions/events/updates.

-Global Chapters Hub:

This is the main global hub for Chapter information and materials. It includes maps, a Chapters tool kit and more.

-Global Blog:

This is the official blog which allows submissions of editorial style essays.

-Global Forum:

This is our official forum for members to discuss projects and share ideas from across the world and share ideas.

-Zeitgeist Media Project:

The Media Project Site hosts and links to various audio/visual/literary expressions of TZM Members. Users donate their work for posting and it is often used as a resource Toolkit for flyer graphics, video presentations, logo animations and the like.


ZeitNews is a news style service which contains articles relating to socially relevant advancements in Science and Technology.

-Zeitgeist Day (“Zday”) Global:

This site becomes active annually to facilitate our “Zday” Global Event, which occurs in March of each year.

-Zeitgeist Media Festival:

This site becomes active annually to facilitate our “Zeitgeist Media Festival”, which occurs in August of each year.

-Global Redesign Institute:

The Global Redesign Institute is a virtual graphic interface “Think Tank” project which uses map/data models to express direct technical changes in line with TZM’s train of thought in various regions.

General Social Networks:

TZM Global on Twitter:!/tzmglobal

TZM Global on Facebook:

TZM Global Youtube:

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